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    One client recently told us, "I love seeing my logo in cookie!" That's exactly what we like to hear. We love helping you reinforce your brand and culture in a unique and memorable way!  

    Company logo cookies are a big hit with employees and customers alike! Make a lasting impression with cookies cut in the shape of your logo mark and decorated with icing in your brand colors. For text-based logos, we use ornate plaque-shaped cookies, edible printed "paper" and your brand colors to create a special company cookie.  

    We can ship your logo cookies anywhere in the US, carefully packaged for self-service display or individually packaged for take-and-enjoy-later. Be ready for your next cookie-worthy event! Contact us for more information today.  

    Sample Logo Cookies

    CFO Alliance logo cookies

    Logo mark cookies with 3 brand colors. 

    Suncoast Equity Management Logo

    Logo cookie with celebratory "glitter" icing in brand colors. 

    Individually packaged logo mark cookies.

    Marfan Foundation logo cookies Logo mark cookies with icing in brand colors. 

    Individually packaged logo mark cookies. 

    Saltmarsh Cleaveland & Gund logo cookies

    Logo cookies with edible printed logo framed with decorative icing.