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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: How long do your cookies stay fresh? 

    A: We only use real, natural ingredients in our cookies and no preservatives, so they are best enjoyed when received. Our cookies will stay fresh and delicious in the vacuum-sealed packaging for up to two weeks. 

    Q: How do your cookies ship without breaking? 

    A: We take great care in packaging all of your orders. Our cookie messages are vacuum-sealed not only for freshness, but also for safe, intact shipping. Our photo and logo cookies and custom party cookies are wrapped and boxed very carefully to ensure they arrive to you in perfect condition. 

    Q: Where do you ship to? 

    A: We currently ship all over the USA and look to expand to other countries in the near future.

    Q: If I live locally, can I pick up my order instead of having to pay for it to be shipped? 

    A: Yes! Absolutely, you can pick up your order at our bakery. Use "CustomerPickup" in the discount code field to indicate you would like to pick up your cookies and eliminate shipping costs. 

    Q: Can I change my order once it has been placed? 

    A: Yes, you can make changes to your order before it has been baked and decorated. The best thing to do if you need to make a change is contact us right away.

    Q: I want to send cookies to different people in different locations. Do I have to place multiple orders or can I do it all on one order? 

    A: You can send to multiple addresses on one order. When you are ready to place your order, check the "Send to Multiple Addresses" box in the shopping cart. From there you will be able to enter the different names, shipping addresses and enclosure card messages for each product. Note that once the order is submitted, our system will automatically break it down into each individual order and issue new order numbers for each.