Custom Cookies for Your Clients
Eat Your Words Customer Cookies

A deliciously unique and memorable way to

Celebrate Your Clients' Milestones

Good luck by name cookie package

A deliciously unique and very memorable way to 

    Celebrate Your 

Clients' Milestones

Good luck by name cookie package

A deliciously unique way to 

Celebrate Your Clients' Milestones

At Eat Your Words Custom Cookies, we offer a deliciously unique and very memorable way to keep you top of mind with your clients. 

Your clients trust you to masterfully navigate the complex and often stressful process of buying or selling a home, the achievement of which is a milestone that should be celebrated. Welcome them home or cheer the sale with personalized, custom cookies. 

Relationships don't end with the close. Reap the benefits of referrals and repeat business by nurturing your valuable client relationships over time with sweet reminders that you are there and you care. 




Sending  Eat Your Words Custom Cookies is sweet and easy.  

Choose the package you want to customize.

Personalize your order with colors, name and accent cookie options. 

Your custom cookies will be baked and shipped to arrive by your desired delivery date. 



Scratch made and available in both regular and gluten free, our cookies are individually decorated sugar cookies cut as letters, numbers and shapes. We arrange the cookies to  form  your message, vacuum seal them for freshness and deliver  them in a beautiful blue box. 

More than just a sweet message, our cookies our deliver a  unique experience - one that is personal, memorable and delicious.